Department of Chemistry


"The department has many achievements to its credit ever since its inception many decades back. It offers instructions at B.Sc (Hons); B.Sc (Gen.) and B.Sc (Environmental Science) Courses"



Department of Chemistry, Ramjas College is one of the oldest and largest departments of the college; it comprises 17 permanent faculty members. It offers admissions to B.Sc (Hons.) and B.Sc (Prog.) courses. Students are also admitted in the department for pursuing M.Sc. Course in Chemistry. Majority of these faculty members are highly qualified (PhDs from various reputed universities), dynamic and vibrant. The faculty is not only excellent in academics but also is progressive in various other activities. The knowledgeable faculty members have specialization in Co-ordination Compounds, Polymer Chemistry, Solid-State, Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Natural products, Quantum Mechanics, Spectroscopy, Nucleic Acids, etc. All of them not only show full concern for the academic development of the students but also give proper guidance for their extra-curricular development. Faculty is very proud of the fact that large number of students who have studied here are doing exceptionally well in various good organizations.

Ramjas college provides one of the most modern and essential facilities for the students. Most importantly, we have three well-equipped laboratories consisting of all the required equipments. Along with this, department also has an analytical laboratory, which has UV-VIS Spectrophotometers, Conductometers, pH Meters, Flame Photometer, calorimeter etc. for fulfilling the requirements of the Honors Classes and also of new restructured syllabus of the B.Sc. (Prog.) students. Besides this, to take care of the recent requirements of the students, chemistry department has also established a well-organized computer laboratory, consisting of many personal computers.

Along with academic development of the students, Department also has a Chemistry Society which takes care of extra-curricular needs of the students. This Society organizes various seminars, quiz competitions and educational tours for the students. This society has complete participation from the students so that they can get an exposure to various other organizational events.

  • Faculty
  • Dr. SACHIN KUMAR SINGH, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. RANJANA DIXIT, Associate Professor
  • Dr. MAHAK SINGH, Associate Professor
  • Dr. R.K. GOYAL, Associate Professor
  • Dr. SAVITA BARGUJAR, Associate Professor
  • Dr. POONAM DWIVEDI, Associate Professor
  • Dr. SANA ANSARI, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. SURUCHI, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. HAMENT KUMAR RAJOR, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. SONIA RATNANI, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. SHILPA MEHTA, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. ABHA KATHURIA, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. AMIT KUMAR SHARMA, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. ANWAR JAHAN, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. NARESH DAYMA, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. SARIKA MALIK, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. SHEETAL BUDHIRAJA, Associate Professor
  • Dr. SHEZA ZAIDI, Associate Professor
  • Dr. SHUCHI VERMA, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. HEMANT KUMAR, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. TANU SHREE, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. ROOPA KUMARI, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. BHASKARAN, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Madhu Bala Raigar, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. SHIVANI SHARMA, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. MANVI VAISH, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. ANJU SINGH, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. CHANDRA MOHAN MEENA, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. RADHA RAMAN MAURYA, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. MONIKA PATEL, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. ROOP SINGH MEENA, Assistant Professor