Mess Procedures

Mess Procedures and General Facilities

  1. The mess is run on co-operative lines on "no-profit no-loss" basis. It is primarily managed by the residents through their elected Mess Secretary in co-operation with the Mess Committee and the Hostel employees, under the guidance of the Warden. for smooth functioning of the Hostel mess, there is Mess Manager (one person among the existing permanent employees) who looks after the day-to-day affairs ( including purchase) of the Hostel mess and assists the Mess Secretary in running the Hostel mess.
  2. All residents are required to take their meals in the dining hall during hours fixed by the Mess Committee. Membership to the mess is compulsory for every resident of the Hostel. However, in exceptional circumstances, a resident may be allowed to put his/her diet off for a period of not less than 5 days. A minimum charge of Rs. 15(Fifteen) per day will be charged from him/her during such a period. Residents going out of station for 5days or more should sign off in the diet register available with the mess manager, failing which, the mess bill will be charged in full. No rebate will be given for a continual period of absence amounting to less than five days.
  3. A resident may entertain a guest for meals in the mess after buying a guest coupon, which will be available during meals in the dining hall.
  4. A limited number of the non-resident mess members may be admitted with the prior permission of the Warden. They will pay the dues as decided by the Warden and the Hostel Committee from time to time. This facility and the one mentioned above (4.3) will be available for both men and women residents. However, only women may be entertained in the women's dining room, and men in the men's dining room.
  5. Meals will not be served outside the dining hall except in case of illness. In no case will utensils will be allowed to be taken out of the kitchen/dining hall premises.
  6. Late breakfast and dinner are not allowed. Late lunch will be kept only for those residents who are delayed due to their classes. This facility is possible only after prior information to the mess manager.
  7. No personal cooking shall be permitted in any room.
  8. Residents are not permitted to enter the kitchen. Women residents may, however, access the pantry specially created to enable them to cook snacks/mini meals etc.
  9. Every resident is expected to contribute his labour towards the maintenance of the Hostel, especially the mess.
  10. Hostel dues should be cleared by the 10th of every month or as announced by the Hostel authorities from time to time. Mess charges must definitely be cleared by the 10th of every month, failing which, a late fine of Rs.10/- per day will be charged . In the first week of the following month, the parent/local guardian will be informed and the resident student will not be allowed to have food in the mess and he/she may be liable for any other disciplinary action which the Warden deems fit. All mess charges are subject to revision from time to time .
  11. For the women residents joining Ramjas College, the Hostel will provide the following innovative facilities :
    • An exclusive pantry fully fitted to enable women residents to fix personal snacks/mini meals at times of their own choosing. Refrigerators and Microwaves will be provided in a modern kitchen setting for the benefit of our pioneering women residents.
    • A special laundry unit fitted with three automatic washing machines and one dryer. Women residents can launder their clothes using detergents, etc of their own, on a mutually agreed upon schedule.