Department of English


"We are proud of our Student Faculty Committee, a vigorous and independent forum, which is geared to strengthening our democratic and academic objectives. As a department, we believe, we are constantly evolving with invaluable inputs from our student body; an enterprise towards a mutually shared vision."


The Department of English is staffed with highly qualified teachers with national and international acclaim. It is considered among the best in the University of Delhi. Literary studies today encompass multiple domains. At Ramjas, the options offered within the larger discipline seek to embrace this many sidedness, including Indian writing in English, Popular Writing, European Drama, Classical literature in India and Europe, Literary Theory and World Literature. The Department encourages students to develop a holistic approach to the humanities and social sciences through interdisciplinary studies, apart from working within its regular academic curriculum. Besides facilitating serious interrogation of ideas, texts and society, the Department encourages students to explore their literary and quasiliterary talents. It also holds regular workshops with students to hone their academic writing skills. 

The standards for work as defined by the Department are exacting, and students wishing to join it are urged to make themselves aware of the hard work they will be required to put in. The Department functions like a close-knit unit with accountability demanded from everybody. This commitment to hard work and excellence has helped the Department post impressive results in the past few years (eg, 2008-09 First Year results - second highest number of first class results among all colleges of the University). It is emphasized that the BA (Honours) English Course is not a language learning course. Students who join are required to be competent to read, comprehend and communicate in English.

Faculty Profile

  1. Dr. Shaleen Sharma, M.A., Ph. D. - Associate Professor
  2. Mrs. K Sharda Murthy, M.A., M.Phil - Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Roopa Dhawan, M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
  4. Ms. Benu M. Lal, M.A - Associate Professor
  5. Dr. Vinita Chandra, M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. - Associate Professor
  6. Mr. Debraj Mookerjee, M.A., M.Phil. - Associate Professor
  7. Dr. N.A. Jacob, M.A., M. Phil, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor
  8. Mr. Rajendra Parihar, M.A., M.Phil - Assistant Professor (T/C till 16-07-2019)