Hostel Administration


The Principal is the Executive Head of the Hostel. He is aided by the Warden. The Hostel Committee, comprising the Warden, elected teachers and students' representatives, takes all policy and administration decisions in the light of the guidelines laid down by the Staff Council and other bodies of the college governance from time to time.

Administration Staff

  • Principal : Dr. Manoj Kumar Khanna (Principal)
  • Warden:   Mr. Shailesh Kr. Diwakar
  • Matron ( for Women Section) : To be appointed
  • Telephone (Hostel) : (011) 55159023 (Warden)

Hostel Committee

Warden: Mr. Shailesh Kr. Diwakar


1. Dr. Amit Kumar Pradhan
2. Dr. Mausumi Bosen (Resigned)
3. Dr. Hament Kumar Rajor
4. Dr. Gajraj Singh
5. Surender Singh Dahiya
6. Dr. Poonam Convenor, Convenor, Discipline Committee (Ex-Officio)
7. Outgoing Warden

Representatives of Hostel Residents Chairperson, Hostel Students Union : Member Year wise Representative ( One from each year , from among both Men & Women

Women Residents : Member

Mess Committee

  • ( 7 for Men)
  • ( 6 for Women) : Member

Any member of the teaching staff/Hostel Union may be requested to attend meeting of the Hostel Committee as and when required as a special invitee.