Notice for Residents

Important Readmission Notice, etc for Residents

Those who have been residents in the preceding years cannot claim admission to the hostel as a matter of right. There will be no automatic admission to the Hostel to II year and III year.

Hostel seat in II year and III year will be allotted considering performance of the residents in the previous class. For determining performance weightage would be given to the following:

  • Class Attendance
  • Internal Assessment
  • Mid-Term Examination
  • Performance in the University Examination
  • Discipline in College & Hostel
  • Participation in the corporate life of the College & Hostel
  • Warden's recommendation
  • Recommendation of the Department stating clearly the ranking of the student in the College and in a comparative perspective.

No residents shall be deemed to have satisfied the required conditions in respect of his / her status as such unless, in addition to the requirements regarding attendance, performance in the Mid-Term Examination, and the University Examination, he / she is able to satisfy the Principal of the College by exemplary good conduct and discipline.

The Principal shall have and shall be deemed always to have the power to detain a student in the same class in which he has been studying or not to send him up for the University Examination or strike off the name of the student from the College rolls.