Department of Botany


"Each student is encouraged to participate in the active corporate life of college, as it now accounts for overall evaluation as per new university regulations. The College facilitates this process by assigning to each student, a tutor/faculty advisor who will be a philosopher, friend and guide"



The department of botany has been in the forefront of teaching and research in plant sciences. The department admits students of the B.Sc (Hons) degree in Botany. In collaboration with the departments of zoology and chemistry it imparts teaching to students of B.Sc. (programme) in Life Sciences and Applied Life Science (Environmental Sciences) courses. The department enrolls students for M.Sc. Botany as well.

The syllabi for all the courses taught by the department have been updated to include the latest developments in plant science. These syllabi cover all aspects of botany - ranging from diversity in structure, form, development and function to systematic, basic and applied aspects of cell and molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, ecology and environment management. During the year the department organizes study trips to various places of botanical interest and modern research laboratories. The department also has a society, Bloom;, for the students, which organizes seminars and co-curricular activities through the year. The primary aim of providing quality education is being successfully fulfilled by the department. The unique feature of the department is its faculty which includes experts and active researchers from almost all areas of plant science. The faculty has published quality research work in reputed national and international journals.

  • Faculty
  • Dr. Amish kumar, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. NALINI NIGAM, Associate Professor
  • Dr. REETU SHARMA, Associate Professor
  • Dr. BHARTI CHAUDHRY, Associate Professor
  • Dr. MADHUMITA BANERJEE, Associate Professor
  • Dr. SURESH KUMAR, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. SUMAN SHARMA, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. KARTIKI BHATNAGAR, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. RANJNA NAGPAL KOUL, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. POOJA GUPTA, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. ANUPAMA RAZDAN TIKU, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. ANAND KUMAR PUSHKER, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. ROMA RANI, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. ANKUR R. BHARDWAJ, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. ALOK KUMAR, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. POOJA JHA MAITY, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. NITI PATHAK, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. HOM SINGLI M, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. PALLAVI SINGH, Assistant Professor