Dr. Neeti Mehla
Assistant Professor
UG University of Rajasthan Botany, Zoology, Chemistry 1996
PG University of Rajasthan Botany 1998
PhD University of Rajasthan Botany 2003
1 Central University University of Delhi Sri Venkateswara College Assistant Professor 2011-09-02 2022-12-30 Teaching
1 Neeti Mehla School of Life Sciences,Jawaharlal Nehru University Research Associate 2006-04-01 2009-05-01 Research work
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7 From dengue to Zika: the wide spread of mosquito-borne arbovirusesCo-author Shivani Sukhralia, Mansi Verma, Shruthi Gopirajan, PS Dhanaraj, Rup Lal, Neeti Mehla, Chhaya Ravi Ka European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2019 38 3-14 1435-4373 (Online) 4.5
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