Principal’s Desk

Prof. Ajay Kumar Arora, Principal

We have turned 100 and have celebrated centennial year in January 2017. We have come a long way and our stakeholders have struggled tirelessly to transform Ramjas College into a progressive, equal opportunity Institution that has today become the vanguard of academic excellence, on one hand, and liberal democratic traditions on the other. At Ramjas, we believe in imparting holistic education.

The broad philosophy at Ramjas is to nurture today’s youth to face tomorrow’s challenges and we have well complemented our motto of ‘nurturing tomorrow’s minds’ by gradually and successfully transitioning from being ‘consumers of knowledge’ to the ‘producers of knowledge’.

Ramjas today boasts of a well-established, web-based student information management system, SIS, that makes all student related data vis-à-vis assignments, attendance, tutorials, etc. available online in real time. SIS ensures transparency, accuracy and ease of data management. Students are encouraged to get issued their login ID / password (for SIS) immediately after admission.

At Ramjas, we believe in inculcating the questioning of conventional and conservative opinions that are insensitive and restricting to both men and women. We have a well placed Gender Forum to address critical and challenging issues.

Ramjas is an equal opportunity College and has a strong commitment to gender equality. In 2005 the College proudly opened a 80-seat Hostel for women. It is generously outfitted, with separate management, entrance, security, dining-hall, common room and various other facilities.

A pioneering landmark initiative of the College is the establishment of a Knowledge Centre which will serve as a hub for knowledge exchange at various levels. The knowledge centre will work as a knowledge integration system that will facilitate multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary conceptualizations for member students to develop extra skills. The Centre aims to facilitate a discursive and dialogical approach, engendering new sights for integrating collective wisdom into the personal and academic life of students.

To overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, Ramjas dispenses modern language courses through its School of Foreign and Indian Languages (SFIL); encourages its students and faculty to interact with scholars from all around the world through Centre for International Education (CIE).

The College has an impressive community area called the Student Activity Centre for informal meetings and discussions regarding academic, cultural, political and other creative activities. The Centre has an LCD projection system as well as a hi-fi sound system. The Centre has helped in greater student participation and also enabled the students to overcome communication inhibitions. Ramjas has taken bold initiative in establishing four Centers of Excellence which is unique to the academic arena.

The Placement Cell in Ramjas College is pro-active and helps students from all disciplines to find placement in various recognized public- sector, private-sector and other institutions.

Like always, each student of the College is invited to start any activity – may be a club or a wallpaper or a magazine or anything – the possibilities are endless – which he/she finds creative, fun-orientated and helps explore untapped potentialities.

As Principal, I invite all students at Ramjas College to communicate directly with me. On your personal SIS homepage, click ‘Principal Direct’ and feel free to share problems/issues with me. Of course you are always free to meet me personally in my office after taking an appointment.

Together, let us share our ideas, dreams and vision to make the learning process an even more exciting experience. Following four words describe the essence of Ramjas College that is recognized by one and all

VIBRANT: pulsating with life, vigor and activities

VIRTUOUS: upholding high values and standards

INSPIRING: inculcating confidence and desire to be different

VIBRANT: creating conditions under which each one in the College can realize his/her highest potential.

With best wishes

Prof. Ajay Kumar Arora