Dr. Abha Kathuria
Assistant Professor
UG University of Delhi Chemistry 2004
PG University of Delhi Organic Chemistry 2006
PhD University of Delhi Organic Chemistry 2012
Mphil University of Delhi Organic Chemistry 2008
1 Central University University of Delhi RAMJAS COLLEGE ASSTT PROFESSOR (AD-HOC) 2012-07-23 2023-10-14 Teaching
2 Central University University of Delhi SHAHEED RAJGURU COLLEGE ASSTT PROFESSOR (AD-HOC) 2012-01-01 2012-05-01 Teaching
1 Specificities of Calreticulin Transacetylase to acetoxy derivatives of 3-alkyl-4-methylcoumarins: Effect on the activation of nitric oxide synthase.Sole ABHA KATHURIA Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry (United States) 2009 17 1550-1556 09680896 2.881
2 An Update on Natural Occurrence and Biological Activity of ChromonesCo-author ABHA KATHURIA Current Medicinal Chemistry (U Arab Emirates) 2011 18 3825-3852 1875533X 3.469
3 Characterization of 4-Methyl-2-oxo-1,2-dihydroquinolin-6-yl acetate as an effective antiplatelet agent.Co-author ABHA KATHURIA Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry (United States) 2010 18 4085-4094 09680896 2.881
4 Characterization of protein acyltransferase function of recombinant purified GlnA1 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis: A moon lighting property.Co-author ABHA KATHURIA Microbiological Research (Germany) 2011 166 662-672 09445013 2.777
5 Substituted coumarin derivatives: Synthesis and evaluation of antiproliferative and Src kinase inhibitory activitiesSole ABHA KATHURIA Chemistry and Biology Interface (India) 2011 1 279-296 22494820 2.8
6 Calreticulin transacetylase: A novel enzyme-mediating protein acetylation by acetoxy derivatives of 3-alkyl-4-methylcoumarinsCo-author ABHA KATHURIA Bioorganic Chemistry (United States) 2012 40 131-136 00452068 3.929
7 Ammonium Derivatives of Chromenones and Quinolinones as Lead Antimicrobial AgentsCo-author ABHA KATHURIA Journal of Chemical Sciences (India) 2012 124 437-449 09737103 1.254
8 Substrate Specificity of acetoxy derivatives of coumarins and quinolones towards Calreticulin mediated transacetylation: Investigation of antiplatelet functionSole ABHA KATHURIA Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry (United States) 2010 20 1624-1638 09680896 2.881
9 Chromenone and quinolinone derivatives as potent antioxidant agentsCo-author ABHA KATHURIA Medicinal Chemistry Research (United States) 2014 23 4907-4914 15548120 1.607
10 Green chemistry for organic synthesisCo-author ABHA KATHURIA International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (India) 2019 6 146-154 23481269 5.75
11 Coumarin compounds for the treatment of mycrobial infectionsCo-author ABHA KATHURIA PCT Patent (France) na IN2012/000242 na na na
12 Functional Group Analysis in Undergraduate Laboratory: Safe, Cost-effective and Micro- scale Alternatives.Co-author S Ratnani, S, Gurjar, A. Kathuria Resonance –J. Sci. Edu. (Classroom) 2019 24 685–689 - 0.38
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14 Applications of Choline Chlorine based Deep Eutectic Solvents as Sustainable Media and catalyst in the synthesis of Heterocyclic ScaffoldsCorresponding S. Ratnani, S. Bargujar, M. Khulbe, A. Kathuria Current Organic Chemistry 2022 26 745-755 1875-5348 2.18
15 Ai's Assistance in Amplifying the Competence of Chemists.Corresponding S. Goel, M. Khulbe, R. Sharma, S. Bargujar, A. Kathuria International Journal of Indian Science and Research 2022 1 11-22 2583-4584 5.1
1 Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of carboxamide and amino derivatives of chromen-2-ones. 9789385824012 Shyam Lal College 2016
2 Potentiometric studies on the complexation behavior of lanthanons(III) with cephalexin: Evaluation of stability constants, thermodynamic parameters and chemical speciation. 9789385824012 Shyam Lal College 2016
3 na 978-93-86479-47-1 Medtech, A division of Scientific International (Pvt.) Ltd. 4850/24, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Del 2018
1 Innovative Research Project: Study and removal of chemical pollutants in waters of Yamuna University of Delhi Prof. Hament K Rajor, Dr. Sonia Ratnani, Dr. Abha Kathuria Chemistry 2014 500000 2014-05-14 2015-05-15 University of Delhi
Conference Organizer
# Type of Conference Conference Title Organizer Organizing Institute Duration From Duration To
1 National Green Synthesis and application of chromatographic techniques Committee Member Ramjas College, University of Delhi 24-02-2014 25-02-2014
2 National Seminar on Emerging trends in sciences Co-convenor Ramjas College, University of Delhi 13-10-2015 13-10-2015
3 National Workshop on ‘Lab skill development.’ Committee Member Ramjas College, University of Delhi 03-02-2021 04-02-2021
4 International Webinar on “Chemistry for sustainable human life – Essentials of New Education Policy Co-convenor Ramjas College, University of Delhi 28-07-2021 28-07-2021
5 National Pursuit ’23: Career Building Opportunities in the Field of Chemistry Committee Member Ramjas College, University of Delhi 02-01-2023 02-01-2023
6 National Alumni Insights: Navigating your Career Journey’ Committee Member Ramjas College, University of Delhi 11-02-2023 11-02-2023