Dr. Madhu Bala Raigar
Assistant Professor
UG Kamla Nehru College, JNVU ,Jodhpur (RAJ.) Chemistry ,Botany ,Zoology 2001
PG Department of chemistry ,JNVU jODHPUR (RAJ.) Physical chemistry 2003
PhD Department of Chemistry ,JNVU Jodhpur (RAJ Physical chemistry 2006
1 Central University University of Delhi Acharya Narendra Dev College ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 2009-07-27 2015-07-31 Teaching
2 Central University University of Delhi RAMJAS COLLEGE ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 2016-01-22 2022-12-11 Teaching
1 Synthesis ,characterisation and Application of novel Guargum N,N -Dimethyl Aniline resin for waste water treatment.Co-author NA Biomedical and Environment 2018 NA NA NA NA
2 Synthesis and Application of new Tamarind Trimethylamine (TTMA) Resin.Co-author NA Journal of Engineering ,Science and Management Education 2016 NA NA 09760121 NA
3 Separation of Heavy Toxic Metal Ions From Industrial Waste By Using Tamarind Thiourea ResinSole Madhu Bala Raigar & A.V.Singh International Journal of Chemistry 2006 4(2) 263-268 ISSN: 0972-768X 2.1
4 Synthesis,Characterization and Application of Novel Guargum -N-N- Dimethylamine Resin for Waste water treatmentSole Madhu Bala Raigar,Sunita Hooda,Savita Bargujar International Journal of Recent Scientific Research 2021 12 1-5 0976-3031 2.1
5 A new polysaccharide-based ion-exchange resin for industrial waste water treatmentCorresponding Madhu Bala Raigar,Sunita Hooda,Savita Bargujar Polimery 2022 67 nr5 21`2-219 322725 1.74
6 Synthesis and Characterization of ion exchange resin and its application in waste water treatmentplication of Novel Guargum -N-N- Dimethylamine Resin for Waste water treatmentCo-author Madhu Bala Raigar,Savita Bargujar International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Management 2022 4 12970-1301 2395-5252 0.7
7 A novel ion exchange resin as an alternative for conventional chelates for separation and removal of toxic metal ions from industrial wastewaterSole Madhu Bala Raigar,Sarika Tejasvi &kalpa Mandal Research Journal Of Chemistry 2022 26(10) 108-116 9720626 0.24
8 Deterioration of water and soil quality along Yamuna Riverbed in the national capital region Sole Madhu Bala Raiga & kalpa Mandal Annals of Forest Research 2022 65(1) 6473-6485 18448135, 20652445 3.774
1 CHEMISTRY Organic and Physical 978-93-86677-78-5 Manakin 2018
Conference Organizer
# Type of Conference Conference Title Organizer Organizing Institute Duration From Duration To
1 National Online webinaron Gender Sensitization Committee Co-convenor Ramjas College 18-08-2021 18-08-2021
2 International CO2 capture and conversion : A potential solution for rising CO2 Emission in the Environment Co-convenor Ramjas College 26-02-2022 26-02-2022