Dr. Archa Gulati
Assistant Professor
UG Miranda House B.Sc. Chemistry (H) 2015
PG University of Delhi M.Sc. Chemistry 2017
PhD University of Delhi Chemistry 2020
1 State University GGSIPU VIPS-TC Assistant Professor 2022-10-03 2023-08-03 Teaching
1 DFT studies on storage and adsorption capacities of gases on MOFsFirst Author Archa Gulati, Rita Kakkar Physical Sciences Reviews 2018 3 20170196 2365-659X .
2 Graphene-based adsorbents for water remediation by removal of organic pollutants: Theoretical and experimental insightsCo-author Mandeep, Archa Gulati, Rita Kakkar Chemical Engineering Research and Design 2020 153 21-36 1744-3563 3.9
3 Mesoporous rGO@ZnO composite: Facile synthesis and excellent water treatment performance by pesticide adsorption and catalytic oxidative dye degradationFirst Author Archa Gulati, Mandeep, Jaideep Malik,Rita Kakkar Chemical Engineering Research and Design 2020 160 254-263 1744-3563 3.9
4 DFT study of adsorption of glyphosate pesticide on Pt-Cu decorated pyridine-like nitrogen-doped grapheneCo-author Mandeep, Archa Gulati, Rita Kakkar Journal of Nanoparticle Research 2020 22 1-15 1572-896X 2.5
5 Peanut shell biotemplate to fabricate porous magnetic Co3O4 coral reef and its catalytic properties for p-nitrophenol reduction and oxidative dye degradationFirst Author Archa Gulati, Jaideep Malik, Mandeep, Rita Kakkar Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2020 604 125328 1873-4359 5.2
6 DFT study of carbaryl pesticide adsorption on vacancy and nitrogen-doped graphene decorated with platinum clustersCo-author Mandeep, Archa Gulati, Jogender, Rita Kakkar Structural Chemistry 2021 32 1541–1551 1572-9001 1.7
7 Synthesis and Application of Types of Metal Oxide Nanosponges in Water TreatmentCorresponding Archa Gulati & Ajeet Kumar Nanosponges for Environmental Remediation 2023 . 291-308 978-3-031-41077-2 .