Dr. Shilpa Mehta
Associate Professor
UG University of Delhi Chemistry 1996
PG University of Delhi Chemistry 1999
PhD University of Delhi Chemistry 2005
Mphil University of Delhi Chemistry 2000
1 Central University University of Delhi Ramjas College Assistant Professor 2006-09-07 2015-06-02 Teaching
2 Central University University of Delhi Miranda House Lecturer 2006-07-17 2006-09-07 Teaching
3 Central University University of Delhi A.R.S.D. College Lecturer 2004-08-05 2006-07-16 Teaching
4 Central University University of Delhi S.G.T.B. Khalsa College Lecturer 2002-10-24 2002-12-20 Teaching
5 Central University University of Delhi Ramjas College Associate Professor 2015-06-03 2023-10-14 Teaching
1 Formation Constants and molecular modeling studies on interaction of metal ions with 6-fluoro-7-(5-nonyl-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-ylsulphanyl)-4-quinolone-3-carboxylic acid [QDA].Co-author R. K. Sharma, S. Chopra and M. Kidwai Indian Journal of Chemistry 2001 40A 1240-1242 0376-4710 0.412
2 Studies on structure activity relationship of some dihydroxy-4-methylcoumarin antioxidants based on their interaction with Fe(III) and ADP. Co-author S. D. Sharma, H. K. Rajor, S. Chopra and R. K. Sharma BioMetals 2005 18 143-154 0966-0844 3.5
3 Inhibitory activity of polyhydroxycarboxylate chelators against recombinant NF-κB p50 protein–DNA bindingCo-author RK Sharma, V Pande, MJ Ramos, HK Rajor, S Chopra, K Meguro, J Inoue, M Otsuka Bioorganic Chemistry 2005 33 67-81 0045-2068 5.1
4 Biological Evaluation, Chelation and Molecular Modeling Studies of Novel Metal-Chelating Inhibitors of NF-kB-DNA Binding: Structure Activity RelationshipCo-author RK Sharma, S Chopra, SD Sharma, V Pande, MJ Ramos, K Meguro, J-i Inoue, M Otsuka Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2006 49 3595-3601 0022-2623 7.3
5 Studies on inhibition mechanism of transcription factor NF-kB and DNA binding by chelator pyrogallol red on the basis of its interaction with metal ionsCo-author RK Sharma, C Chelladurai, AD Tiwari, HK Rajor, S Mehta, M Otsuka Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2008 16 9018-9022 0968-0896 3.5
6 Preparation of Gold Nanoparticles using Tea: A Green Chemistry ExperimentCo-author RK Sharma, S Gulati, S Mehta Journal of Chemical Education 2012 89 1316-1318 0021-9584 3.0
7 Inhibitors of transcription factor nuclear factor – kappa beta (NF-kB) –DNA bindingCo-author RK Sharma, M Otsuka, G Gaba, S Mehta RSC Advances 2013 3 1282-1296 2046-2069 3.9
8 Design and Fabrication of a Retrievable Magnetic Halloysite Nanotubes Supported Nickel Catalyst for the Efficient Degradation of Methylviolet 6B and Acid Orange 7Co-author B Arora, S Sharma, S Dutta, A Sharma, S Yadav, P Rana, S Mehta, RK Sharma ChemistrySelect 2022 7 e202202751 (1-13) 2365-6549 2.1
9 Advanced metal oxide-based nanocatalysts for the oxidative synthesis of fine chemicalsCo-author RK Sharma, R Bandichhor, V Mishra, S Sharma, S Yadav, S Mehta, B Arora, P Rana, S Dutta, K Solanki Materials Advances 2023 4 1795- 1830 2633-5409 5.0
10 A simple and straightforward strategy for expedient access to benzoxazoles using chemically engineered 2D magnetic graphene oxide nanosheets as an eco-compatible catalystCo-author A Sharma, S Sharma, S Dutta, S Yadav, R Dixit, B Arora, S Mehta, A Srivastava, RK Sharma Dalton Transactions 2023 52 11303 - 11314 1477-9226 4.0
1 Contribution to Academics Faculty Achievement Award Ramjas College 2016-17
2 Digital Literacy Digital Champion University of Delhi 2015
1 Innovation Project RC-201 Exploring the use of Biocatalysis in laboratory chemical reactions: A Green Chemistry Approach Dr. Poonam Dwivedi, Dr. Mahima Kaushik, Dr. Shilpa Mehta, Dr. Sana Ansari, Dr. Hardeep Kaur Chemistry 2013 4,00,000 2013-11-14 2015-03-31 University of Delhi
Conference Organizer
# Type of Conference Conference Title Organizer Organizing Institute Duration From Duration To
1 International Poster presentation on “Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education” Other Government of India 07-12-2016 11-12-2016
2 National (Co-ordinator) INSPIRE Science Internship Camp Convenor Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India 04-07-2017 08-07-2017