Dr. Manish Rana
Assistant Professor
UG D N College Meerut Chemistry 2014
PG Meerut College Meerut Chemistry 2016
PhD JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA Organic Chemistry 2023
1 Novel dihydrobenzofuran derivatives: design, synthesis, cytotoxic activity, apoptosis, molecular modelling and DNA binding studiesFirst Author I Ansari, C Twala, S Khan, A Mandal, Rahisuddin Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 2023 41 1-9 1538-0254 5.2
2 Synthesis, Single crystal, TD-DFT, Molecular Dynamics Simulation and DNA binding studies of Carbothioamide AnalogFirst Author Saiema Ahmedi, Aysha Fatima, Shaban Ahmad, Nazia Siddiqui, Khalid Raza, Nikhat Manzoor, Saleem Javed Journal of Molecular Structure 2023 1287 135701 0022-2860 3.8
3 Design, synthesis, X-ray crystal structures, anticancer, DNA binding, and molecular modelling studies of pyrazole–pyrazoline hybrid derivativesFirst Author Hungharla Hungyo, Palak Parashar, Shaban Ahmad, Rabiya Mehandi, Vibha Tandon, Khalid Raza, Mohammed RSC advances 2023 13 26766-26779 2046-2069 4.0
4 Carbothioamide Based Pyrazoline Derivative: Synthesis, Single Crystal Structure, DFT/TD-DFT, Hirshfeld Surface Analysis and Biological StudiesFirst Author Aysha Fatima, Nazia Siddiqui, Saiema Ahmedi, Sajad Hussain Dar, Nikhat Manzoor, Saleem Javed, Rahisu Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 2022 43 1-21 1040-6638 3.7
5 Synthesis, single crystal structure, DNA binding and antioxidant properties of 5-(4-(dimethylamino) phenyl)-3-(thiophen-2-yl)-pyrazoline-1-carbothioamideFirst Author Aysha Fatima, Nazia Siddiqui, Sajad Hussain Dar, Saleem Javed Journal of Molecular Structure 2022 1261 132950 0022-2860 3.8
6 Design and Synthesis of Carbothioamide/Carboxamide-Based Pyrazoline Analogs as Potential Anticancer Agents: Apoptosis, Molecular Docking, ADME Assay, and DNA Binding StudiesFirst Author Md Imam Faizan, Sajad Hussain Dar, Tanveer Ahmad, and Rahisuddin ACS omega 2022 7 22639-22656 24701343 4.1
7 Pyrazoline analogs as potential anticancer agents and their apoptosis, molecular docking, MD simulation, DNA binding and antioxidant studiesFirst Author Rizwan Arif, Faez Iqbal Khan, Vikas Maurya, Raja Singh, Md Imam Faizan, Shama Yasmeen, Sajad Hussain Bioorganic Chemistry 2021 108 104665 0045-2068 5.1
8 Facile synthesis of chalcone derivatives as antibacterial agents: Synthesis, DNA binding, molecular docking, DFT and antioxidant studiesCo-author Rizwan Arif, Manish Rana, Shama Yasmeen, Md Shahzad Khan, Mohammad Abid, MS Khan Journal of Molecular Structure 2021 1208 127905 0022-2860 3.8
9 Synthesis, crystal structures, biological and thermal decomposition evaluation of homo and heteroleptic Zn(Ⅱ) dithiocarbamate complexes and use of Zn(Ⅱ) dithiocarbamate to prepare zinc sulfide nanoparCo-author Sajad Hussain Dar, Istikhar A Ansari, Shams Tabrez, Manish Rana, Mohammad Usman, Shafi Ul Islam, Abd Polyhedron 2021 208 115424 0277-5387 2.6
10 Synthesis, characterization, DFT calculation, antifungal, antioxidant, CT-DNA/pBR322 DNA interaction and molecular docking studies of heterocyclic analogsCo-author Rabiya Mehandi, Rizwan Arif, Manish Rana, Saiema Ahmedi, Razia Sultana, Md Shahzad Khan, Mohsin Mase Journal of Molecular Structure 2021 1245 131248 0022-2860 3.8
11 2‐Amino‐5‐substituted‐1, 3, 4‐oxadiazole as chemosensor for Ni (II) ion detection: antifungal, antioxidant, DNA binding, and molecular docking studiesCo-author Razia Sultana, Rizwan Arif, Manish Rana, Saiema Ahmedi, Rabiya Mehandi, Nikhat Manzoor Luminescence 2022 37 408-421 15227235 2.6
12 Binding and thermodynamic study of thalidomide with calf thymus DNA: Spectroscopic and computational approachesCo-author Shama Yasmeen, Faizan Abul Qais, Manish Rana, Asimul Islam International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2022 207 644-655 0141-8130 8.2
13 Schiff base metal complexes as antimicrobial and anticancer agentsCo-author Shruti Jain, Manish Rana, Razia Sultana, Rabiya Mehandi, Rahisuddin Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 2022 43 1-56 1040-6638 3.7
14 4-Bromo-1, 8-Naphthalimide derivatives as Antifungal Agents: Synthesis, Characterization, DNA Binding, Molecular docking, Antioxidant and ADMET studiesCo-author Nouman, Manish Rana, Saiema Ahmedi, Rizwan Arif, Nikhat Manzoor, Rahisuddin Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 2023 43 1-25 1040-6638 3.7
15 Oxadiazole Schiff Base as Fe3+ Ion Chemosensor: “Turn-off” Fluorescent, Biological and Computational StudiesCo-author Rabiya Mehandi, Razia Sultana, Saiema Ahmedi, Manish Rana, Nikhat Manzoor, Saleem Javed, Rahisuddin Journal of Fluorescence 2023 33 751–772 10530509 2.5
16 Synthesis, spectral characterization of pyrazole derived Schiff base analogs: molecular dynamic simulation, antibacterial and DNA binding studiesCo-author Razia Sultana, Asghar Ali, Charmy Twala, Rabiya Mehandi, Manish Rana, Daraksha Yameen, Mohammad Abid Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 2023 41 1-28 1538-0254 5.2
17 Synthesis and spectral studies of Ni(Ⅱ) complexes involving functionalized dithiocarbamates and triphenylphosphine: X-ray crystal structure, thermal stability, Hirshfeld surface analysis, DFT and biolCo-author Sajad Hussain Dar a, Najmul Hasan b, Manish Rana a, Aysha Fatima c, Syedah Noorul Sabah Andrabi d, S Inorganica Chimica Acta 2023 545 121271 0020-1693 2.8
18 Pd-catalyzed synthesis, characterization, and biological evaluations of pyrazole derivatives: DFT, molecular modelling and antioxidant studiesCo-author Rabiya Mehandi a , Charmy Twala b , Asghar Ali c , Saiema Ahmedi d , Manish Rana e , Razia Sultana a Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 2024 1005 122994 0022-328X 2.3
19 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives: synthesis, characterization, antifungal activity, DNA binding investigations, TD-DFT calculations, and molecular modellingCo-author Rabiya Mehandi, Charmy Twala, Saiema Ahmedi, Aysha Fatima, Khursheed ul Islam, Manish Rana, Razia Su Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics 2023 41 x 1538-0254 5.2