Qnights: The Ramjas Quiz Society

Qnights: The Ramjas Quiz Society with an impeccable record is regarded as the best quiz society of Delhi University and one of top quiz societies in India. Over the years, Qnights has had some great quizzers from all over India as its members and it has even transformed people with no quizzing background but a thirst for knowledge as great quizzers too. In Qnights, we believe that every individual with his curiosity, knowledge and wisdom can not only be a quizzer but also shape their overall personality. Quizzing is one of the only activities which mixes academics and co-curriculars in the best way possible. It is not even restricted to a genre and thus, it interests people from different walks of life. It acts like a tool of empowerment too and manifests confidence in people. The opportunities related to quizzing are very diverse and thus it welcomes people with an open mind. Anyone and everyone can be a quizzer. It's open for everyone provided you have the urge to learn more and use them. That's the beauty of Qnights. At Qnights, our aims and visions revolve around the fact that we want to inculcate the spirit of quizzing in as many people as possible. We want to light the baton of knowledge and help people become torchbearers of their respective fields. Our vision is to expand quizzing in such a way that it is accessible by everyone. The delight which a quizzer gets when quizzing is something par explanation and we believe that everyone deserves this delight. Therefore, we at Qnights try our level best to empower people by helping them become a better quizzer and eventually, they make college proud. Our aims are farsighted, and we try to better our performance every day. We envision a society where knowledge flows like the ocean, and people practice rationality with facts and figures. Qnights will always strive for maintaining its rich legacy and banking on the motto of once a Qnight, always a Qnight which means that once you've become a member of our society, we'll try to ensure that you spread the lessons you experienced here to all the places to ever be to.  Every year, the society organises its festival where a series of competitions and talks are organised and the name of the same is decided every year in accordance to the theme of the festival.