Wordcraft, the Ramjas Literary

Wordcraft, the Ramjas Literary Society, aspires to be a space where students can come together and tell stories. Our website, social media pages, and our newsletter - ’Afsaane’, are all attempts to carve out such a space, fostering a community and environment of creation and sharing - a place where we learn from each other. The society, established in has hosted multiple writers, thinkers, commentators, historians, activists, and art producers to give talks and conduct seminars on myriad thought-provoking subjects. The creativity of Wordcraft and the students of Ramjas could never be contained within the bounds of the College Magazine alone. Therefore, there have been many years in which Wordcraft has published its own magazine in order to give a platform to the treasure trove of talent and creativity within Ramjas. In some years, instead of just one magazine, three broadsheets, or even just smaller versions of broadsheets were produced. Wordcraft students have indeed been extremely innovative in how they have inspired and published creative expression. It is a matter of great pride for us now to take this tradition in a new direction through a medium that is more flexible, versatile, and dynamic in the form of our very own website- This has allowed the creativity of Wordcraft and the students of Ramjas to scale greater heights in our endeavour to celebrate the sights and sounds of multiple languages, while simultaneously ensuring that we do not let the pandemic and the lockdown put a stop to expressing and sharing.