Ramjas Debating Society

The Ramjas Debating Society has come to be one of the most prestigious debating societies in the country. Over the years, it has established itself as an institution which provides a platform for young minds to discuss, deliberate and debate on the most crucial and relevant topics relating to the cultural, economic and socio-political realms of the society. Since its inception, members of both the Hindi and English wings of the society have proved their mettle time and again, earning numerous laurels for the college and have played a significant role in enriching its legacy. The Hindi Wing of Ramjas Debating Society was established in 2016, with the aim of cultivating an environment of rational and logical discourse in the language. Over the years it has grown into a diverse, open and non conformist space of ideas. Kapil Ratnu and Vak vyuh, the annual parliamentary debating events. The English Wing of the society takes pride in the parliamentary debating format that it pioneered 15 years ago, the format of 2v2 with interrogation. The society conducts its annual debating tournament, Polemic. The society fosters an inclusive and understanding space that encourages conversation and debate to take place with a great emphasis on fraternity, which is premised on its commitment towards playing its fair part in the development of dialogue.