Focus: The Film and Photography society

Founded in the year 2012, Focus: The Film and Photography society of Ramjas aims at providing a platform for amateurs to nurture their passion for photography besides offering a platform to facilitate the digitalisation of creativity. It incorporates a team of 40+ passionate members and about 200+ alumni making their mark in the world of photography, filmmaking and designing by undertaking the delicate yet responsible task of showcasing the impact a single picture can make. The society aims at providing a lens to the budding photographers and film enthusiasts, while aiding them in the process of turning into professionals, possessing a unique perspective in the rather mundane world, while seeking to escape conventionality and banality. The society has received various accolades by performing well in a number of competitions at various levels. Our members have won over 100+ photography, film making and designing competitions at the national level. Focus conducts a series of workshops for photography, filmmaking and designing. These workshops are usually followed by practical assignments. Apart from workshops, we go for photo walks in and around the city. These photo walks present a great opportunity for on field experience with the gears, mentored by trained professionals. Focus releases its annual magazine “InFocus'', where the members work together to put forward an elegant photography magazine, where our work is showcased. Apart from all this, Focus manages the creative and technical flow by holding regular meetings and assignments, helping the members branch out and create their ever developing niche. We make sure that we also keep supporting other societies by participating in competitions that they hold. Focus also conducts informal meetings and watches movies together to bond and make each other feel comfortable within our space so as to grow and help ourselves and others.