Backbeat- The Music Society

Founded in 2006, Backbeat encourages students to step beyond the confines of textbooks. The society provides a forum not only for musical enhancement but for the intellectual, creative and cultural development of students. The dynamic presence of the society can be seen and felt on the college premises until late in the evening with the distant voices humming some beautiful compositions and enthralling anyone who passes by. The society endeavours to bring together all those who share an interest in music- singers, instrumentalists, composers, etc. Among the many talented artists, the society has sitarists, percussionists, flautists, pianists, trained vocalists and beatboxers.  The best way to describe Backbeat would be a "melting pot", wherein the society welcomes diverse people from every background to celebrate, cherish and learn music. This cultural diversity is a part of what makes Backbeat unique for growth and development, and undoubtedly is one of its biggest strengths. We have people from all over the subcontinent. Having diverse experiences aids in expanding the society's capacity in creating and enhancing a spectrum of music. The inclusiveness and diversity in the society is what makes Backbeat a second home to each and every member.  Music society has been home to some of the most talented musicians of the country, who are at a great position in their respective music-related fields right now.