Dr. Monika Saxena
Associate Professor
UG DU History 1989
PG DU History 1991
Mphil DU History 1994
1 Central University UNIVERSITY OF DELHI RAMJAS COLLEGE ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 1992-09-01 2021-10-16 Teaching
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3 Book Review, ‘The Hoe and the Axe: An Ethnohistory of Shifting Cultivation in Eastern India’ by Ajay Pratap.Sole MONIKA SAXENA Economic and Political Weekly, New Delhi, India na xxxvii 3517-3518 0012-9976 na
4 Book Review, ‘The Decline and the Fall of the Indus Civilization’, &, ‘The End of the Great Harappan Tradition’, by Nayanjot Lahiri and Shereen Ratnagar.Sole MONIKA SAXENA Indian Review of Books, New Delhi, India 2001 10-4 0971-2054 0971-2054 na
5 Book Review, ‘India in the Vedic Age: A History of Aryan Expansion in India’, by P. L. Bhargava.Sole MONIKA SAXENA Indian Review of Books, New Delhi, India 2001 10-7 na 0971-2054 na
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7 Evolving forms of worship and the Temple Dancers of Early Medieval Northern India (700-1200CE)Sole Monika Saxena Kakatiya Journal of Historical Studies 2021 XVI No 1 28-41 0976-2345 NA
8 Reading Vatsyayana : Society Patronage, Art and EroticismSole Monika Saxena Juni Khyat 2021 NA 26-44 2278-4632 NA
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