Dr. Kuldeep Kumar
Assistant Professor
UG Jammu University Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics 2016
PG HNB (A Central University) Uttarakhand-246174 Physics 2018
PhD HNB (A Central University) Uttarakhand-246174 Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 2024
1 Investigation of Spontaneous Polarization and Phase Transition Phenomena in KH2PO4-Type Crystals by Green’s Function ApproachCorresponding Kuldeep Kumar Journal of Low Temperature Physics (Springer) 2022 207 190-209 0022-2291 2
2 Thermal dependent ferroelectric Cochran’s frequency and dielectric properties in arsenate type family of KDP crystalCorresponding Kuldeep Kumar, T C Upadhyay Journal of Low Temperature Physics (Springer) 2024 214 163-178 0022-2291 2
3 Theoretical investigation of ferroelectric and dielectric properties of Rochelle salt colemanite type crystalsCo-author B Khandpal, K Kumar Ferroelectrics 2023 616 151-161 0015-0193 0.8