Dr. Alok Kumar Tripathi
Assistant Professor
UG Udai Pratap Autonomous College Physics, Mathematics 2009
PG Udai Pratap Autonomous College Physics 2012
PhD Banaras Hindu University Physics 2018
1 State Private University Galgotias University School of Basic Sciences Assistant Professor 2021-09-20 2023-01-12 Teaching
1 Dr Alok Kumar Tripathi University of Delhi National Post Doctoral Fellowship 2019-03-14 2021-09-13 Research works, along with MSc Lab classes and their tutorials.
1 Ionic liquid–based solid electrolytes (ionogels) for application in rechargeable lithium batterySole Alok Kumar Tripathi Materials Today Energy 2021 20 100643 2468-6069 9.257
2 Thermal, electrical and structural studies on ionic liquid confined in ordered mesoporous MCM-41First Author Alok Kumar Tripathi, Yogendra Lal Verma, Rajendra Kumar Singh Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2015 3 (47) 23809 2050-7488 11.900
3 Studies on structural, thermal and AC conductivity scaling of PEO-LiPF6 polymer electrolyte with added ionic liquid [BMIMPF6]Co-author SK Chaurasia, AL Saroj, Shalu, VK Singh, AK Tripathi, AK Gupta, YL Verma, RK Singh AIP Advances 2015 5 077178 2158-3226 1.697
4 Improved electrochemical performance of EMIMFSI ionic liquid based gel polymer electrolyte with temperature for rechargeable lithium batteryCo-author Singh, Shishir Kumar; Balo, Liton; Gupta, Himani; Singh, Varun Kumar; Tripathi, Alok Kumar; Verma, Y Energy 2018 150 890 0360-5442 9.000
5 Effect of temperature on electrochemical performance of ionic liquid based polymer electrolyte with Li/LiFePO4 electrodesCo-author Gupta, Himani; Balo, Liton; Singh, Varun Kumar; Singh, Shishir Kumar; Tripathi, Alok Kumar; Verma, Y Solid State Ionics 2017 309 192 1872-7689 3.200
6 Electrochemical study of Ionic Liquid based polymer electrolyte with graphene oxide coated LiFePO4 cathode for Li batteryCo-author Himani Gupta, Shalu Kataria, Liton Balo, Varun Kumar Singh, Shishir Kumar Singh, Alok Kumar Tripathi Solid State Ionics 2018 320 186 1872-7689 3.200
7 Electrochemical investigations of Na0.7CoO2 cathode with PEO-NaTFSI-BMIMTFSI electrolyte as promising material for Na-rechargeable batteryCo-author Varun Kumar Singh, Shishir Kumar Singh, Himani Gupta, Liton Balo, Alok Kumar Tripathi, Yogendra Lal Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 2018 22 1909 1433-0768 2.500
8 Development of ionic liquid and lithium salt immobilized MCM-41 quasi solid-liquid electrolytes for lithium batteriesFirst Author Alok Kumar Tripathi, Rajendra Kumar Singh Journal of Energy Storage 2018 15 283 2352-152X 9.400
9 Development of gel polymer electrolyte based on LiTFSI and EMIMFSI for application in rechargeable lithium metal battery with GO-LFP and NCA cathodesCo-author L Balo, H Gupta, SK Singh, VK Singh, AK Tripathi, N Srivastava, RK Tiwari, R Mishra, RK Singh Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 2019 23 2507 1433-0768 2.500
1 Application of Ionic Liquids as a Green Material in Electrochemical Devices 9781644900314 Materials Research Forum LLC 2019
1 CSIR (NET) JRF-NET CSIR, India 2013
2 Post Doctoral Fellowship National Post-Doctoral Fellow Science and Engineering Research Board, India 2019