International Conference of federalism

Knowledge Centre

"All students- from the past as well as in present are invited. Go Ahead! Get in touch with friends..."

Ramjas College has firmed up its long term plan to open a Knowledge Centre in the College with effect from the current academic year. The Knowledge Centre will be hub for all categories of knowledge seekers — a place to share access and hone the collective understanding of our full potential. The Knowledge Centre will be knowledge integration system designed to facilitate multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary conceptualizations that will help member students develop extra skills. This will put them at the forefront of their respective spheres. The member students will be encouraged to explore various areas of interest and the Knowledge Centre will act as a catalyst for fulfilling their quest for knowledge and also enable them to approach various opportunities. It will provide students with collective knowledge and experience of individuals and organizations across academic and cultural boundaries. It also aims to facilitate a discursive and dialogical approach, engendering new insights for integrating collective wisdom into the personal and academic life of students.

Under the aegis of the Knowledge Centre add-on courses would be offered to member students to help them gain knowledge and skills that will complement their academic knowledge and prepare them for a wider perspective. The detailed information for these add-on courses is available elsewhere in the prospectus.

The Knowledge Centre will also tie up with various NGOs and nonprofit organizations to help interested students acquire working knowledge of various organizational aspects of these organizations. The students will also get an opportunity to develop an understanding of the various thrust areas of these organizations and explore future opportunities that these organizations can provide to them. This endeavor will also sensitize the students towards various social issues being faced by our society and help them develop a humane attitude a much needed attribute in the present environment.