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Centres of excellence

South Asia Centres

Chairperson: Dr. Manoj Kumar Khanna
Consultant Advisor, National Advisory Council - South Asia Affairs, Washington, DC. A public policy interest group, which functions as advisory body to the South Asia Bureau of the Department of State and Congressional Sub-committee on South Asia, Washington, DC.

Founder President: South Asian Economics Students’ Forum (SAESF), New Delhi

The South Asia centre (SAC) at Ramjas College has been established to provide a platform to inspire new generations of South Asia scholars to focuses on both the generation of interdisciplinary knowledge about the different regions of South Asia, and the integration of local knowledge to form new perspectives on contemporary South Asia. The centre aims to coordinate and promotes the study of South Asia- its diverse peoples, languages, cultures, religions, history, political economy and contemporary developmental challenges of the subcontinent.

The mission is to facilitate interaction of scholars through sharing of intellectual knowledge of the region by organizing seminars, colloquia, lectures as well as cultural activities so as to promote bonding of relationship between different countries of the South Asian region. In particular, it shall be the endeavor of the centre to provide an opportunity to scholars, intellectuals, and statesman to share knowledge and intellectual space to the betterment of South Asia as a whole

WHY SAC, Ramjas

South Asia has some of the highest trained professionals - engineers, doctors, scientists and economists – and yet there is little structured interaction among them. Although the nations have inseparable histories and shared heritage, social and political strife in the region has created barriers between the peoples during the second half of the 20th century. However, there have been changes in the region during the last ten years as many of the countries today are amongst the emerging economies. Further, there is hardly any centre of South Asian studies in any of the leading universities of India, which actively promotes an interdisciplinary effort in understanding pertinent issues of contemporary South Asia. It is to fill this gap that the South Asia Centre at Ramjas College is being set up to facilitate understanding of the region.

The proposed activities of the SAC

The South Asia centre will facilitate wide range of programs that describe the Contemporary South Asia.
  • Organize and host lectures, colloquium and conferences
  • Encourage inter-disciplinary understanding of South Asia including comparative perspective
  • Support cultural and community activities relating to South Asia and South Asians
  • Support teaching and research activities of South Asian issues to undergraduate students
  • Encourage student exchange and participation of students in understanding contemporary South Asia.

Functioning of the Centre

The centre will function through an advisory governing board consisting of eminent academics, intellectuals as well as statesman from each of the South Asian countries. The vision of the centre will draw on the expert advice of the invited members of the above board. The centre will function in close collaboration with different universities of South Asia as well as think tanks, non governmental agencies, research institutions of each country of the region to build a platform for interaction.

The centre’s programs and activities will be overseen by an executive director who will closely liaison with the advisory board as well maintain contacts with regional centers of knowledge to provide leadership to the centre and its missions.