Student Counselor

Student Counselor

The college was the first, way back in 2000 to engage the services of the student Counselor to provide support to its students in matters of critical academic, career and life choices. During the academic session 2009-2010, Ms.Shifa Haq was the student Counselor, followed by Ms. Ragini Nayak in the year 2011-2012,who helped many young adults in the fields of psychological counseling for depression, substance abuse, etc., and research interests in adolescents and young adults.

Roles and Responsibilities of Counselor:

  • Counselor will be available in the College during working hours of the Institution.
  • Counselor will be for student consultation in the office provided during times mutually agreed upon by you and the College.
  • Counselor will generate activities among students that encourage productive behavior at both the individual and the Institutional levels. This would include counseling to promote socially useful and productive behavior, including anger management, empathy, etc.
  • Counselor will operate and drive the activities of the discussion board on the website.

From the academic session 2013-14 the college offers you:-

Counseling and Personality Development Service:

  • Career Counseling and Personality identification
  • Behavioral/Psychological counseling
  • Public speaking
  • Soft skills training