Information for Women Residents

Special Rules for Women

  1. No resident is allowed to leave the Hostel premises after 8:00 P.M.
  2. All the residents are required to be back in the Hostel by 9:00 P.M. everyday. However, they may avail of the late night facility of coming back by 11:00 P.M. sharp on any four days in a month by informing the Warden.
  3. Night out leave is allowed up to maximum of 5 every month with the permission of the Warden. It was resolved that there is no need for the local guardian or any escort to accompany resident to Hostel.
  4. Parents/Guardian must specify whether late night-out/night-out leave is to be granted to their daughter /ward, specifying the name and address of the local guardian with whom only overnight stay will be permitted. It is to be noted that the College/Hostel shall not be responsible for a resident when she is outside the College/Hostel campus.
  5. The signature of the local guardian must be verified and attested by the Parents/Guardian while granting the above (5.13.4) permission at the time of admission. Residents are required to fill out a night-out leave form every time they avail of such leave. Upon return from a 'night-out leave' this form must be produced before the Matron, duly signed by the authorised Local Guardian. The signature will be matched with the available records every time by the Hostel Matron.
  6. Permission for overnight stay in a place not specifically mandated by Parents/Guardian at the time of admission in the designated form will not be granted. Any resident failing to return to the Hostel after the expiry of her leave without prior intimation will be liable to strict disciplinary action. The matters will be reviewed in academic session 2009-2010.