Courses at Ramjas by CIE

Courses offered in Ramjas

Centre for International Education (CIE)

"The Centre for International Education currently offers a programme in Denmark in partnership with Denmark's International Study Program (DIS), Copenhagen."

For visiting students from other countries under different international exchange arrangements between Ramjas College and Universities, educational bodies, etc, the College offers, under the aegis of CIS, the following courses:

  1. 20 century Indian writing-English Department
  2. Women's writing in the 19th and 20th Centuries- English Department
  3. Contemporary Literature- English Department
  4. Forms of Popular Fiction- English Department
  5. History of India up to AD 750- History Department
  6. History of India AD 750-1550- History Department
  7. History of India AD 1550-1761- History Department
  8. History of India AD 1750s-1950- History Department
  9. Colonialism and Nationalism in India- Political Science Department
  10. Indian Political Thought- Political Science Department
  11. Indian Government and Politics- Political Science Department
  12. International Relations- Political Science Department
  13. India's Foreign Policy- Political Science Department
  14. Women and Political Process- Political Science Department
  15. United Nations Organization- Political Science Department
  16. Economic History of India-Economics Department
  17. Indian Economy- Economics Department
  18. Development Problems and Policy- Economics Department
  19. Econometrics- Economics Department
  20. Cultural Diversity, Linguistic Plurality & Literary Traditions in India- English Department
  21. Reading Gandhi - Political Science Department
  22. Environmental Issues in India- History Department
  23. Modern Indian Literature, Poems and Short Stories- English Department
  24. Theories of Consciousness-Readings in Classical Indian Philosophy
  25. Citizenship in a Globalizing World- Political Science Department
  26. Culture in India: A Historical- History Department
  27. Delhi: Ancient/Medieval/Modern- History Department
  28. Religion and Religiosity in India- History Department
  29. Inequality and Difference in India- History Department
  30. Environment Law and Management- Botany Department

Note: All courses may not be offered every year .