Courses Offered at DIS

Courses Offered

"The Centre for International Education currently offers a programme in Denmark in partnership with Denmark's International Study Program (DIS), Copenhagen."

Centre for International Education (CIE)

Architectural Design Studio
European Urban Design Theories
Scandinavian Design and Architecture

Art History
European Art: From Impressionism to Abstract Art

Biology of Marine Mammals
Marine Biological Research Project

Molecular Genetics

European Business Environment: The EU European Union Research Project International Marketing and Branding: A Field Project

Child Development
Children with Special Needs: Research Project

History of European Film
Contemporary European Film: The Individual and Society

Urban Design and Public Life
Furniture Design Studio and Workshop

Textile Design Studio and Workshop

Glass Design Studio and Workshop

Doing Business in the European Union
Economic Theories of Globalization

Environmental Studies
Environmental Problems and Policy: A European Perspective
Ecotoxicology - Principles and Practice

Gender Studies
Sociology of European Families: Philosophy of Sex and Gender

The Context of Danish History: Scandinavia and the Baltic Rim from the Vikings to the Present
20th Century European History

International Relations
International Law in a European Perspective
European Politics: The European Union

Danish, Other Languages

Hans Christian Andersen and His Universe: Texts, Contexts, and Subtexts Kierkegaard: Philosophy and Meaning in Life

Media Studies
European News Media in Transition

Medical Studies
Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach

Minority Studies
The Jews in Europe from the Middle Age to the Present
Migrants, Minorities, and Multiculturalism in Europe

The Making of the Modern Self

Biomedical Ethics
Religion in Crisis: 19 th Century

European Conceptions of Religion

Political Science
European Conflict and Security Issues

Brain Functioning and Experience of Self
Developmental Psychopathology

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