Program Structure

Program Structure

"The Centre for International Education currently offers a programme in Denmark in partnership with Denmark's International Study Program (DIS), Copenhagen."

Centre for International Education (CIE)

Denmark's International Study Program (DIS)

DIS was founded in 1959 by the University of Copenhagen as a Study Abroad Programme. Ramjas-DIS offers university level programmes, taught in English by Danish faculty to be followed later by an exchange programme for students and faculty.

DIS offers a vide variety of programmes and courses within a broad range of academic disciplines. Programmes are built around core courses that normally include a one-week international study tour, curriculum-integrated and faculty-led. These study tours take place during the first week of the three-week mid-semester travel break. The complete course syllabi, including required readings, are posted on the DIS website. DIS courses are taught by mostly Danish professors who teach at institutions of higher education or work in research, government, business, or the professions.

The complete list of DIS course is available at the DIS website

The Ramjas-DIS Programme is open to students enrolled at any college or university with at least a second division in their earlier exams. Certain programmes and courses have specific prerequisites.

All DIS academic programmes include one or two study tours in Denmark or Europe during the semester or summer. The study tours, conducted by DIS faculty and staff, access programme related sites such as famous art collections. European Union institutions, multinational companies, marine research facilities, architecture and design objects, medical facilities, and a host of cultural, historical, social, and political institutions which are otherwise restricted.

Most DIS classes include course-integrated field studies in Copenhagen. Several DIS programmes offer internship-like coursework or classes taught at course-relevant sites. For example. Summer Furniture, Textile, and Ceramics Design courses are taught in the workshops of Denmark’s Design School.

DIS offers a variety of internship opportunities in its various departments. An internship at DIS offers a concrete work experience, high levels of responsibility, active project development, opportunity to travel in Europe, and a chance to live and work in Copenhagen for one year A DIS intern receives an adequate stipend making it possible to cover living expenses. An internship at DIS is a great way to start an international career, become an integrated part of a multicultural workplace, and receive hands-on experience in a field you are looking to pursue in your future career. There are also possibilities of adding summer internships, work, or volunteer projects in a variety of European settings.

Most courses carry three credits, and a student has to be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits per semester during Fall and Spring. The Summer credit structure is different. Upon completion of a semester, DIS forwards a Final Grade Report for each student to Ramjas College. The report shows courses completed, credits earned, and letter grades obtained.

Shiva Astha, Dept. of Economics (Ist year) is going to the University of Antwerp, Belgium during Fall 2010 under the Antwerp University-Ramjas College Exchange Programme.

University of Antwerp, Belgium

A Faculty and Student Exchange Programme with the University of Antwerp, Belgium has been set up during the current academic year. The University of Antwerp was established by merging three former universities, with roots going back to 1852. Antwerp is a major port and is a leading commercial and industrial Centre, with a window to European Union.

The Exchange Programme with the University of Antwerp is open to students from Ramjas College. Students from Ramjas College will be able to do courses in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Political and Social Science, Faculty of Applied Economic Sciences and the Faculty of Science. Students from Antwerp would be able to pursue courses of their choice offered by Ramjas. Under this exchange programme, students will pay tuition and other fees only to their parent universities. The cost of living will be borne by the students. Students from Ramjas College can study at Antwerp University, Belgium from September to December or from January to May. Further information on courses offered is available at the University of Antwerp website Interested students should contact the Director, CIE for further information.

Under the faculty exchange programme, arrangements exist for joint research by faculty of Ramjas and University of Antwerp.

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan

Ramjas College has established an Exchange Programme with Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan. The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) was set up in 1984 by the National Management Foundation as one of the first independent, non-profit initiatives by the corporate sector in Pakistan. Over the past 20 years the university has emerged as a premier institution for learning both in Pakistan. Apart from the management programme, LUMS offers degrees in Social Sciences, Economics, Law and Computer Sciences.

Students from Ramjas College will be able to do courses at the School of Arts and Sciences covering Social Sciences and Economics, while students from LUMS will enroll in social sciences and humanities courses at Ramjas College. While students from LUMS could come to Ramjas during July / August to December, students from Ramjas could go to LUMS during June-July (Summer Quarter) or September to November (Fall Quarter). Students will not pay any tuition or other fees to their host university, but will only bear their cost of stay. Students from Ramjas College will be able to go study in LUMS from the Summer Quarter in 2009. Watch the Ramjas website and notice board for further details.

The programme also covers exchange of faculty for both teaching and research in the two institutions. A special initiative of this exchange programme is the joint research by faculty members of the two institutions on the history of the two countries during and since partition. For more information, mail:

The Eritrea Institute of Technology, Eritrea (EIT)

The Eritrea Institute of Technology, Eritrea (EIT) has expressed an interest in collaborating with Ramjas College. The main focus of this will be faculty and curriculum development for post-graduate courses in EIT, and faculty and student exchange programmes.

The following Universities from USA have sent students from their University/College to pursue a semester course in Ramjas College:

1. Wooster College, Ohio
2. University of Massachusets, Massachusets
3. Connecticut College, Conneticut
4. George Washington University, Washington D.C.
5. Depauw University, Indiana
6. Wake Forest University, North Carolina
7. Purdue University, Indiana
8. University of Rochester, New York
9. Catholic University of America, Washington D.C.
10. Drake University, Iowa
11. University of Texas, Texas
12. State University of New York, New York
13. Pomona College, Claremont, California
14. Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut

Do watch the college website and notice boards for updates on exchange programmes and tie-ups with universities abroad.

For More Information on CIE, contact:

Dr. Mihir Pandey, Associate Professor